Standard Report Dashboard Training

This training is aimed towards FERPA certified, professional staff who would like to incorporate actionable data insights into their daily workflow and decision making. Viewers can expect to learn how to summarize admissions metrics, headcount, FTE & SCH, degrees conferred, retention, and graduation rate data in an easy to use, customizable environment. Persons of all levels of data experience are welcome.

Live training is also available via Webex on the third Thursday of each month. You can register for one of these sessions by filling out this Google form.

00:00 Introduction
00:23 Standard Report Table of Contents
02:33 What Makes Data 'Standard'?
04:08 Sign Into SAS
04:28 Navigate SAS Folder Library
06:11 Create Shortcut to Standard Report Dashboards
07:42 Open Admissions Dashboard
08:26 Overview of Welcome Tabs
09:11 Overview of Documentation Tab
09:44 Admissions Data - Old vs New
11:02 Explore Admissions Dashboard Data
11:07 Page Filters
12:28 Interactive Filter Text
13:22 Open University Headcount Dashboard
14:20 University At a Glance Tab
15:33 Report Filters
16:24 Filter Breadcrumb
19:47 Restore Default Report State
21:31 University Headcount Enrollment Trends Tab
23:19 University Headcount Data Explorer Tab
23:40 Using Breakouts
25:09 Add Totals and Subtotals to a Crosstab
25:23 Sort a Crosstab
25:42 Export Data
29:58 University Headcount Field Definitions
33:55 Open Course Enrollment Dashboard
35:21 Metric Select
35:44 Data Dictionary
38:20 Select a Census Capture
40:25 Open Degrees Conferred IPEDS Dashboard
43:42 Credential Category and Subcategory Fields
44:23 Open Student Tracking Dashboard
45:15 Student Tracking Report Notes
45:35 1 Year Retention Tab
46:11 Using Filters to Define Cohorts
47:10 In College' vs '@ UNLV'
49:25 6 Year Grad Rate Tab
51:00 Persistence Tab